Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rocky Horror Picture Show

DVD Review

Here I sit on Halloween Eve and I want to get into the spirit as much as possible. I’m waiting for my director’s cut of The Exorcist to come from Netflix today. I’ll let you all know how that goes. I’m thinking it’s not a good idea to re-watch it after all these years. I’m asking for it!

Last weekend I finally watched a movie I’ve wanted to see for years, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The only reason I had never seen this movie was because I wanted to go to one of those midnight showings where people throw toast and stuff. Since it didn’t look like it would ever happen, I checked to see if it was available on Netflix instant play.

This is the typical cult classic story. It originally didn’t do well in theaters, but then found this campy home with the midnight crowd who would come to the screenings dressed up and ready to jump on stage and perform the songs.

I have to say that I was quite shocked with the overt sexuality in the film. I was under the impression, since it was 1975, that there was more innuendo. This was not the case. Man, Tim Curry strutted his stuff, seduced Susan Sarandon, Barry Bostwick and everyone else in his vicinity, including me! What an over the top, bawdy, sexy, hysterical performance backed up with a damm good singing voice!

I’m smitten with this movie and I can see why it has endured. It’s just so out there and fun and unapologetic. It was also refreshing to see how actors and actresses used to look compared to now; Tim Curry with his crooked teeth and Susan Sarandon…wow, how nice to see an authentic Hollywood rack like that. The back of her bra was riding up so high I’m thinking, “Gee, this chick needs a professional bra fitting!” Watching her real breasts makes you wonder how fake boobs ever became so popular. More is not always better.

It was interesting to see the ultra-perfect Glee casts compared to these originals cast members who are far hotter despite or because of their flaws. Sarandon’s singing really left something to be desired, but you just love her spunk. Bostwick brings the straight-laced guy across so believably that it’s that much more shocking to see him romping around unabashedly later with Curry.

Just a couple of days after watching this, I was channel surfing and caught it again on some high numbered digital channel. It was right at the beginning and I sat and happily watched the whole thing again! So I’m a new fan. I still want to find one of those midnight showings though.


Lisa said...

You definitely do need to go to a midnight showing-it's about 10 times more fun watching it there than at home!! The crowd yells stuff at the screen too...awesome :)

Dan said...

A strange but strangely entertaining film!