Friday, October 15, 2010

Colleenie Ghoulie #3

Why do you keep coming back? Will you never learn? Well today’s installment goes a little local. I grew up in San Francisco, California and for all of my formative years; I had a Saturday night date with a Mr. Bob Wilkins. My family gathered around to watch Creature Features. Each week we might be treated to a Godzilla flick, or maybe Vincent Price as Dr. Phibes! Some weeks I was fine, other times I was terrified. Mostly, they were fun and not too scary. The opening credits, however, I usually kept my eyes closed! I found one version and this is the correct theme song I remember. Early seasons though had some creepier clips, like the original Phantom of the Opera…that guy always freaked me out!

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peabea said...

Hi Colleen...when we were raising our kids, I'm sure they remember every Friday Night was The Night Owl shows...they were always weird and creepy, but it was the norm here also..Friday Creep Night. It didn't come on until about 11:30 and the boys when young loved staying up to watch, but then usually fell asleep. Enjoying your site and will be back. ~hugs~ from peabea