About the Couch

For decades, my family, friends and co-workers have asked for my opinions about movies, TV, music and books. I like to think it’s because they value my advice, but it might be because my passionate responses can be quite entertaining!

Nevertheless, I know I have been blessed with good taste. So in 2008, I decided to take my voice to the masses with the creation of this blog, Colleenie’s Couch.

There’s a lot of subpar entertainment out there today. I demand a little more. I expect creativity and originality. I won’t accept just any drivel and neither should you.

So if you care about how you spend your free time and entertainment dollar, this is the place for you.

Here on Colleenie’s Couch you will find:

*Real reviews from a regular person like you. I’m not a professional critic;
I simply know what I like.

*No celebrity gossip. Who cares which celebrity is shagging which other
celebrity? Do they have their own fragrance? How much did those shoes
cost? Beats me. There are many other blogs devoted to that. My only
concern is the quality of work they put out.

*Lively conversations. Hey, my family often disagrees with me. I love to
hear other people’s opinions and recommendations. We can talk
here on the blog, or you can connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, or
my BlogFrog Community. On BlogFrog, I post a new question/topic
every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

*Fun! Colleenie’s Couch is a site where you can spend some enjoyable
down time, have a few laughs and find useful reviews to help
you sift through the barrage of entertainment choices we face today.

So have a seat, look around, kick off your shoes and pass the popcorn. We’re going to be here awhile. Remember, when you’re with me, sitting on the couch is NOT a waste of time.