Monday, October 11, 2010

It Gets Better

The devastating suicides of gay teens in the news recently, has prompted the It Gets Better Project.

I’ve posted a couple of my favorites. Thanks Tim Gunn for making me cry at work!

I was fortunate enough to grow up in San Francisco. The diversity has made me a better human being. I can’t imagine my life without my friends who are supportive, wonderful, fantastic people; their sexual orientations really aren’t on my list things I consider. I surround myself with good people, period. Young gay teens need to know that there will come a time when people will care more about your character, actions, and heart, and if they don’t choose their friends that way, you probably wouldn’t want to hang out with them.

There’s always a seat on my couch for you. Talk to someone. People care.



These bullies need to be TAKEN CARE OF!! There needs to be a harsh punishment for ANYONE who bullies someone period let alone for their sexuality! It's getting out of hand for real and no one is doing anything about it.So sad!

Rachael said...

I love the It Gets Better project. It's wonderful. I hope that these kids get to see it. It's so amazingly sad what's been happening.

Joel Burman said...

Great post! I love Neil Patrick Harris and I am glad he took it serious very worthy!