Friday, October 22, 2010

Colleenie Ghoulie #4

Well my little ghoulies, our time together is quickly coming to an end. I hope I’ve been serving up a nice cauldron of scares for you to enjoy. This week I want to give a nod to arguably the scariest movie of all time…The Exorcist.

I’ve spent weeks trying to find a good clip of Linda Blair doing that head spin. I have to be honest though, after re-watching the scene a dozen times on YouTube, I simply can’t do that to you guys. I found one scene where the mom is downstairs and starts to slowly walk up and I clicked the mouse to logoff before she got to the top. I couldn’t take it!

Honestly, I watched this movie a ridiculous amount of times in an effort to desensitize myself from it. Growing up, we had HBO and Showtime and I tried to watch it every time it came on. I did a pretty good job toughening myself to it except for when she spins her head completely around. It’s interesting why this bothered me so much.

Basically, this was the least effective special effect in an otherwise flawless horror film. Linda Blair clearly looked like a fake doll as the head slowly turned around. Yes, we’re back to the doll thing. I was completely freaked out by this because in some Hollywood prop department THERE-WAS-A-DOLL-THAT-LOOKED-LIKE-THAT!

Imagine how I felt when about a decade later - I was innocently watching some special effects documentary on a lazy Sunday afternoon- and the host was walking by different props on the lot...AND THERE SHE WAS SITTING ON THE FLOOR IN A CORNER! I always knew she was there waiting for me.

So I will not do that to you my sweet ghouls. You are more than welcome to YouTube that head spin yourself.

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Dan said...

The Exorcist is my favourite horror film of all time. I agree with you Colleen, it's damn scary - the scariest of them all in my book! There's so many scenes that are particularly frightening but for a couple of bits that don't get talked about that much I'd like to mention the scene when we hear the scratching noises in the attic and Ellen Burstyn is searching and the candle flame suddenly flares up. really creepy stuff!

Lin said...

I've only seen this movie about 4 times & every time I've had to look away when her head turns or she's doing that thing with the cross. I'm 27 years old & I have to admit I still cant watch this movie at night lol...I'm not a wimp but this one always gets to me.

Lisa said...

The Exorcist is the scariest movie ever. Period. Because that crap is REAL! Yeah, I'm Catholic, we actually believe in exorcisms and it kinda made the movie way more intense. Goosebumps. I've only ever seen it once, and that was enough, even for me (I LOVE me some scary movies).

Colleen said...

I agree Dan, that candle scene always makes me jump! I think the perfect combo of traditional scares and the truly horrific images is what makes this film the numero uno in scary flicks. Don't worry Lin, you're not a wimp. People RAN out of the theater when this one came out. Lisa, I think it is a bit scarier for us Catholics! Plus, the catholic part of me feels guilty for watching it!

Rachael said...

When this movie got re-released, my husband and best friend somehow convinced me to go and see it. NOT good. I have a huge problem with anything involving exorcism - as in, it scares the CRAP out of me. Documentaries, TV shows, movies... I will never, ever watch this one again.