Monday, November 1, 2010


Hey, can you write a novel in a month? I'm embarking on my second National Novel Writing Month. My budget looks pretty tight this month, so I might as well stay home and write a 50,000 word novel, right?

I didn't quite make it last year, but I've brushed myself off and I'm ready to try again. Want to join me? I'm signed up as Colleenie. You can log on and be my buddy. I'd love to ceer you on.

Together we can do this.


Dan said...

50,000 pages! blimey! It'll be a world record for longest book! ;)

I have been intrigued by this competition in previous years but have never started to write the novel. Think I'll stick to short stories for now, not sure I'm up to novel-writing ability just yet.

Colleen said...

Thanks Dan! I changed it from page to word, hehe, that would be long. This is what happens if you try to write anything that will make sense after your team just won the World Series!

Castor said...

That's crazy! An entire novel!! It almost takes me an entire month to write a movie review lol... Best of luck in your enterprise Colleen :)

Dan said...

...World Series! I'm from the UK and they stopped showing any MLB on TV here last year which means it's impossible to watch unless I pay for MLB TV on the web. Which is a shame because I love baseball!

...I'm a fan of the Arizona D-Backs (Why I hear you say - because I was on holiday in Phoenix when I got into baseball), one of San Fran's league rivals of course! They're rubbish at the moment though! haha!