Monday, October 4, 2010

The Ghost and the Goth - Stacey Kade

Book Review

I must start off by giving full credit to Karen at For What It’s Worth, for turning me on to this book. I know I’m not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but look at this cover! Come on, I’m a 42 year old woman. I should not come any where near this book!

Karen’s review, though, piqued my interest. I was definitely in the mood for something different and this fit the bill.

When cheerleader Alona Dare is hit by a bus, she quickly realizes that she is dead, but still hanging around on earth. She also finds out that one of her classmates is the only one that can see and hear her. The problem is he’s the creepy goth boy, Will Killian!

The difference with this YA novel is that it wasn’t pandering. There is just enough teen lingo and references to make it believable, but not over the top. I quickly began to caring for the lead characters and the challenges that faced them. There is an underlying humor to it and that’s difficult to pull off in the teen genre. With all the serious YA novels out there with vampires and such, it’s nice to get a solid action packed story that leaned toward a lighter side.

Troubled his whole life hearing “voices.” Will spends all his energy ignoring the dead that haunt him. This gift tortures his late father and Will wants no part of it. Alona, on the other hand, cannot accept the fact she will no longer be heard. As a popular girl that everyone followed and looked up to, it’s hard to adjust to being a ghost.

Slowly, we see interesting traits emerge in both Will and Alona. Maybe they are not simply a ghost and someone who can hear the dead. They make a good team and by the climax, I cared for these characters so much, I couldn’t wait to get off work, curl up on the sofa and finish the last 100 pages.

The end sets this book up for a series and I think I’d go another round with Will and Alona. I suggest making one of those paper bag book covers so that no one makes fun of you. Then, give this one a read.



This reminds me of the movie INVISABLE but in reverse! I think I might be looking for this book seriously!!

Prairie Mother said...

HA! That book looks too funny...and I'm judging by the cover! I may have to find this one.