Wednesday, October 20, 2010

RIP To Two TV Icons

We lost two great TV icons this week. Barbara Billingsly, otherwise known as “Beaver’s Mom,” and Tom Bosley, Richie Cunnigham’s father on Happy Days.

I have seen ever single episode of both of these shows and I loved these two dearly. June Cleaver was the perfect mom and housewife that none of us could ever live up to. But just when you think she was little Miss Prim & Proper, she did this hilarious cameo in the 1980 movie, Airplane.

Tom Bosley, as Howard Cunnigham, was always the perfect balance of loving, yet strict father. He was there with advice and support when needed. He apparently had some kind of falling out with the eldest Cunnigham, Chuck (I never saw that kid again after the first season) he still managed to always come through from Ritchie and Joanie.

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peabea said...

There definitely were some could old iconic shows on TV..I still watch the re-runs sometimes of Leave It To Beaver on regular TV channels. Takes me back to some great memories of yesteryear when I watch. Thanks for sharing these videos and memories.