Sunday, January 24, 2010

Susan Boyle - I Dreamed A Dream

CD Review

I was not planning to purchase Susan Boyle’s CD, I Dreamed A Dream. I do find her voice hauntingly beautiful, but her style is not quite my cup of tea.

However, my brother-in-law purchased it and allowed me a listen. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. It’s an enjoyable CD with several stand out tracks.

At her best, I hear hints of Kate Bush. Overall, though, each note is so carefully executed that the end results lacks any true soul. I’m screaming for her to relax and have some fun.

My favorite track is her rendition of Madonna’s We’ll See. This particular song shows me what a future Susan Boyle can be. I truly hope she’s not a one-hit wonder that slips into obscurity. She has something to offer to the musical world and as she gains experience, I think she’ll produce a CD that’s more far reaching than this freshmen effort.

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