Saturday, January 2, 2010

365 Seinfeld - Day Two


Often there is a fear that when you make something “official” it will disintegrate before your eyes. Hours floated by today with no Seinfeld references. Did I curse myself? Would it all end now? By 9 p.m. I was blessed with not one, but three. Here’s the breakdown:

I was grocery shopping with my husband and we picked over the 50% off Christmas items shelf. I look over at my hubby, who’s holding up a red knitted cap…in the grocery store? He says to me, “I like this hat.” He used this weird voice. I crinkled my nose: “What?”
“Remember when Kramer wanted those Cuban cigars and he had to trade his jacket? That guy touched his jacket and said, ‘I like this jacket.’”

I was done. Whew! This experiment was going to work. I relaxed and prepared for my son’s evening basketball game. During the game, I sat next a co-players dad and daughter. The daughter was playing some weird video game for her Nintendo DSI. She was able to take pictures and stretch them or place obscure templates around them. She took I picture of her dad and placed his face on a king playing card. When I looked over, the dad said to me, “Look, I’m the King!” I laughed and said, “I’M THE KING!” In the same tone as “I’m THE WIZ!” Wow, twice in one day!

On our return home I began making muffins to take to my friend’s house tomorrow. I pulled out some muffin paper liners. I grabbed the first ones I found. They were Winnie the Pooh. When my daughter came over to see what I was making she saw the muffin liners and exclaimed, “Pooooh!” Just like Elaine when she’s stupid and she’s trying to do the crossword puzzle.

Since I was bombarded with so many references today, I thought I should post this. If I wait till the end of the week, it will be WAY too long!

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