Monday, January 11, 2010


Spending the WHOLE day at the movies

I did not want to be the first to see James Cameron’s epic Avatar. To be honest, after I sat through the quite confusing trailer all summer, I was convinced it would be a huge flop. However, since he’s the king of the world and all, I was wrong.

The beginning of last week, we decided that Sunday would be the day to finally take in this two hour and forty five minute offering. At first the kids didn’t want to go, but by Sunday, six of us plopped down a whopping $60 bucks, (it was a bargain showing, thankfully) received our ginormous 3-D specs and settled in for a long ride.

Yes, it was visually stunning, and I actually did enjoy the story line. Thankfully it was not as confusing as it appeared in the previews. I liked some of the messages that underscored the film, but once again I wanted to yell for an editor! Trimming 30 minutes of this film would clock it in at two hours and fifteen minutes, and that’s still a long movie!

The backs of my ears hurt, the glasses were weighing heavy on my nose and I found myself holding the glasses out in front of me for the last twenty minutes. I understand that you want to show all your cool tricks of technology and that when investors pony-up millions of dollars, you want to make them feel like they got their money’s worth. However, I hardly doubt that James Cameron screened this flick wearing the same clunky glasses I did, while on the first day of his period! So, suffice to say, it was a chore to sit through this thing, but in the end, I’m glad I saw it.

I appreciated that Na’vi people had full knowledge of the humans’ presence. I don’t agree with the notions that the film had racist undertones. The lead actor could have been any nationality; unfortunately, Hollywood still tends to go white more often than not. You’re looking at it the wrong way though if you view the message as the white male lead needs to save the Na’vi people. He has to lead the way because only someone from the enemy side could understand the magnitude of the attack that was about to come down. The Na’vi people did their own ass kicking! How could they comprehend that anything so reprehensible would take place? It was not in their belief system that other beings could be so cruel.

See this on the big screen. Block out a whole day, because you’ll probably have a headache afterward. Now, I didn’t walk away thinking this was an Academy Award Winning Best Picture, but maybe I’m wrong again!


Ofthesea said...

Hey! Coming from 31DBBB.

I was totally blown away by the effects and thought the film was... proficient, but I wasn't blown away by the storyline at all.

And yeah: way too frikken long.

Kim said...

LOL I kept missing the movie because it was always sold out whenever we tried to go see it.

In the end, still have not seen Avatar after 4 tries with my mother in law.

jenheadjen said...

Oh! You made me laugh! That period line hit way too close to home! ha!!! I thought the same of the movie, but didn't have the 3D glasses.