Saturday, January 16, 2010

365 Seinfeld


So I actually had three references today. The first was early this morning and I don’t even remember it! Later, I went to the library with my daughter. I was looking at the inside flap of my newly checked out book and it informed me that the author had a Ph.D from Harvard. I asked my daughter, “Wow, what would they put on my book, she went to school?” This reminded me of the episode where Kramer volunteered for the bachelor auction and Elaine announced him as, “He’s a high school graduate,” then he whispers to Elaine and she corrects herself, “Um, equivalency.”

Still later, we were watching Secret Life of the American Teenager on DVR. Some girl pulls out a condom turned towards the camera with big print that says CONDOM! My daughter said, “I don’t know if a generic condom is such a good idea.”
I said, “I’ll bet it’s blue.”
“Yeah,” my daughter said. “Like the ones Kramer gave George”

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