Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Playboy Club - Fall TV Review Part 2

One show already off my list is NBC’s The Playboy Club. I checked out the first episode last Monday night and the first hour failed to keep my interest. After about 45 minutes, I wandered over to the computer and I vaguely listened to next week’s previews.

Don’t get me wrong. The premiere episode was not slow-paced. It was exactly the opposite. The opening scene we witness a self-defense murder and are then taken on a roller-coaster ride of secrets and juicy storylines to ride out the whole first season.

They made one mistake.

We don’t know or care about the characters yet! Come on, working at The Playboy Club had to be an interesting and risqué career choice for a young woman in the 1960’s. How about giving us a little background as to why some of characters decided to work there? Also, I’m sure it must have been a tough gig to get. Why not show us that interview process? With a subject matter as interesting as Playboy, it’s odd that the creators chose a simply a backdrop for a bloated soap opera.

Really, everyone working there has some deep dark secret? This formula works for Desperate Housewives because they have never taken themselves too seriously. The Playboy Club though, does take it’s self seriously and it’s missing the mark big time.

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