Monday, September 26, 2011

Pan Am - Fall TV Review Part 3

ABC has a knack for finding shows that can deliver grand premiere opening sequences. The first few minutes of Pan Am certainly delivered for everyone waiting to check out this show. Calling all the stewardesses to action, transporting one to make the flight via helicopter and an unexpectedly married tryst boarding the plane, Pan Am easily had you settling in for the next hour.

The Playboy Club failed to make the bunnies real people. They instead decided to go for shock first and then let us slowly learn about them as people. Pan Am did it right by giving us snippets of back story so that the viewer had some type of emotions for the characters right off the bat.

Also, unlike The Playboy Club, we saw more behind the scenes of what the flight attendants endured working a job like that in the 1960’s.

Maybe it was better because most of the stories were based on fact. Maybe the acting was better. Christina Ricci owned that role instantly! Or maybe they managed to make a great pilot and they won’t be able to retain that level of interest once we know everything that goes in to being a Pan Am Stewardess.

Regardless, I’ll be there for the second episode.

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