Friday, September 16, 2011

I Almost Missed Louis on Letterman!

The Comedy Gods where looking out for me last night. I was up way longer than I should've been(thank you 8:15pm latte). For some reason, there's nothing good on at midnight. Letterman is already on so unless I started from the beginning, I'm not usually going to watch it. This was a repeat from July, so the scary thing is I almost missed this twice! You all know my deep love and respect for Louis C.K., right? For me, there's no one doing better stand-up right now. Close, but they're not Louie. Who else could make lions attacking us seem like it just might be a good idea?


Rachael said...

I LOVE Louis CK. He is definitely my favorite comedian at this point.

Carrie said...

I'm sure I have seen Louis CK in the past, he looks familiar.

Personally, my fav comedian is Lewis Black. I love his sarcastic caustic attitude :)

Glad you caught him on Letterman :)

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