Friday, September 30, 2011

Can You Believe I Haven't Seen - Babe

**Okay, I really have to stop being so optimistic about my blogging. I sent this post up over weekend when I grabbed the picture. Sure, no problem, I’ll write this review by the end of the week. Why wouldn’t I? I seem to keep forgetting that I’m a mother and I have a job. Yeah, life got in the way this week and this post went live this morning with no review attached. So here it is a bit late.

Well last month it was a toss up between Babe and Easy Rider for my September pick. That may sound like widely different choices, but Easy Rider came on cable so I set my DVR to tape it and Babe I borrowed from the library. I didn’t watch Babe in the allotted time and had to return it. So for most of the month it looked like it would be Easy Rider, then I went to the library again and decided to check it and give it another go.

One of my all time favorite films is, Charlotte’s Web, so I’m on bored with a movie with a pig as the main character.

Babe’s cuteness did not disappoint. The shots of his little pink piggy butt with that curly tail made me long to own a little piggy myself.

The storyline was quirky and fun. I enjoyed that it was a smart script and not dumbed down for a potential kid audience.

Where I did feel let down was in the end. **Spoiler Alert**

Even though we were dealing with talking animals, the film kept a good sense of reality. Then out of nowhere there’s a “magic” phrase that makes all sheep obey? I must admit I was let down by that plot twist.

I’m still glad I finally watched it. I thought it was inventive and I liked the feel of a small independent film but with a family friendly theme.

So for October you’re probably assuming it will be Easy Rider, but not so. In keeping with a Halloween theme for the month, I’ll be watching The Corpse Bride. Check back on Halloween to see what I thought.


Michelle @Special Mom Space said...

I haven't seen it either. The thought of live pork doesn't thrill me LOL

Alison said...

You've got to see Babe! It's one of my favorite movies. Babe is the bomb! LOL!