Monday, September 12, 2011

American Vampire - Book Review

As we all know vampires are everywhere now. Books, TV, movies, and yet I’m less interested than I was twenty years ago. One of my favorite books of all time is Interview with the Vampire. With the exception of Kristin Dunst, I was not a fan of horribly miscast film adaptation. I’ve spent years craving the type of vampire story I enjoy. I was excited when True Blood premiered. At the time, I still had the luxury of a Showtime subscription, but that show didn’t click with me either. Twilight is too tame for me so I’m not even going to go there.

My vampire landscape is pretty bleak. Sometimes, I like to pick up genre paperbacks to see what’s new and what makes people by them. I was intrigued by Jennifer Armitrout’s new novel, American Vampire. Maybe this is what I’ve been seeking?

Sadly, this book felt like a romance novel wrapped into a vampire story. Which by the way, this was barely a vampire novel! We never saw the vampire lifestyle because Graff, our only blood sucker in the story, gets trapped in a town called Penance, very early on.

Apparently, the whole town is trapped by a monster that once described I could only picture as the smoke monster from the TV show Lost. The story was really about this monster, the townspeople and Jessa, our tough girl and possible love interest or victim for Graff.

**Spoiler Alert! Graff does not bite anyone till page 192! I have less of a problem with the plot not really being about vampires if the title of the book was not American Vampire!

This was not my type of story and so the search goes on. I’ve now found out that there’s a graphic novel of the same name, but does not have the same storyline at all. I might try that next. Wish me luck.

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Karen said...

This was very Stephen King-ihs to me. I enjoyed it but I didn't love it.