Thursday, September 15, 2011

Adam Levine and the Best Mother in the World

When a woman decides to have children, she knows she’ll be making sacrifices for the benefit of her child. It’s important to accept that your needs can’t always be first and often, hard decisions must be made for the good of child.

I recently had to make one such difficult choice.

I don’t go to many concerts. Frankly, they are too expensive and the to and from is usually a pain in the ass. However, tonight Train and Maroon 5 will be performing and my huge crush for Adam Levine had to be fed. I purchased my ticket on July 15th. It’s an outdoor concert with inexpensive lawn seats. I even made a date to attend with a couple of friends. This would’ve been a rare night out for mom!

My daughter also wanted to attend, but she really wanted to go with a friend of hers and her Thursday class runs late so she’d probably miss the opening act, Matt Nathanson! We agreeded to go our separate ways on this one.

Guess what? My daughter bought her ticket, but her friend forgot and then it was sold out! Now this friend leaves for college soon and this will most likely be the last night her and my daughter spend together. What’s a mom to do?

Yes folks, even though it was my destiny to be with Adam Levine, even though I know he’s singing just to me in Moves Like Jaggar, I alas have made the ultimate sacrifice…I gave my ticket to my daughter’s friend.

So I will spend the evening watching this video over and over again

Maybe this will be one of those stories that goes viral in the blogsphere and Adam will show up at my door with roses and his shirt off!

I guess I could watch the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia premiere.


My Inner Chick said...

--Oh, My! Adam is daaanm HOT :) Whew.

Novroz said...

Ow...that is so sweet Colleen :)
Tho I am not sure I will do the same if I have the ticket of my favorite band, L'Arc~en~Ciel . I am going to be a selfish mother ;)

Jessica said...

You are amazing. If Muse were in town, I'm not sure I could've done it.