Thursday, March 31, 2011

Can You Believe That I Haven't Seen - Saw

Welcome to my third installment in this series. In January I watched The Shawshank Redemption, February was three hours with The Godfather and for March I spent some time with Jigsaw by finally watching Saw.

In the grand scheme of great movies, it’s not strange that I never watched Saw. This is a specific type of genre that you’re either into or you’re not. The reason I decided to finally give it a try is because so many people over the years told me I would like it.

My brother-in-law made the mistake of mentioning that he always meant to watch this too, so I recruited him as my movie buddy when he came over this weekend. Then my husband, who was not going to watch it, ended up taking a seat and getting involved in the story line.

Well, I think there are six Saw movies now so I probably don’t need to tell anyone the plot, but just in case, this deranged dude kidnaps people and sets them up in would you rather situations. Like, would you rather dig inside this guy’s stomach and find a key to unlock the bear trap I put on your face, OR be chicken and die when the trap timer goes off and explodes your head? Simple, ordinary stuff.

I was most surprised by how non-gory this film was. I think each film began to push the envelope a bit more, but this first time out, the gore was quite low. I will say that the plot held my interest, even if I wasn’t completely won over. I did feel they fell into cliché several times when bad guys were caught and not shot at. Really? I’m mean we’re not talking about someone caught robbing your house so you’re holding a gun on them. This is a sicko; you’re going to plug the guy! Hey, maybe that’s just me.

As a fan of the TV series Lost, it was quite freaky to see both Miles and Ben in this film. I felt like I was the last to know a something.

In the end, this film was okay. I don’t regret watching it, but it didn’t convert me to a fan of the genre. And I’m certainly not running out to rent II thru VI! At least now, though, if I say I don’t care for these types of films and someone chimes in with, “Well you should see Saw.” I can say, “Yeah, I saw that.”

Sidenote* I did find him pretty funny on his little trike!

Next month – Cat On A Hot Tin Roof


Novroz said...

For someone who love gory movie,I haven't seen SAW either.

my student kept on urging me to see it,but i still haven't seen it yet. If someone lend me,i will watch it...but to buy or rent it, I just don't have the desire to do so.

Colleen said...

I was lucky. I have some movie channels with my cable package where they show older films uncut. I taped it on my DVR two months ago and finally got around to watching it. I'd be curious to know what you think of it.

Karen said...

I just watched Saw for the first time last year. it was on cable one day. like you - it's not really my thing and I can't say the film converted me. It was OK though.