Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Song of the Week - One More Night

A couple of weeks ago I read an article that Phil Collins is retiring from music. Apparently, he has a physical limitation that makes drumming difficult and he claims that he’s sort of done with all of it anyway. It really made me feel like you don’t realize how much you’ll miss someone until they’re gone. I started thinking about all the great Phil songs. Of course “Against All Odds” is fantastic and for a white guy, he did a pretty decent remake of The Supremes, “You Can’t Hurry Love.”

“One More Night” has always been one my favorites. He says the line so many times, it should annoy the heck out of you, but instead his pleading really does make you want to give him one more night.

Phil always seemed like a nice guy to me. He was a regular bloke who could sing and play piano and bang the drums like nobody’s business. I even saw Phil in concert back in the 80’s. When he did “In the Air Tonight,” he brought the house down! I’ll miss you Phil. I hope you enjoy yourself, and we’re here if you ever want to come back.

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