Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Song of the Week - Suddenly

billy ocean - suddenly by kareem93
Suddenly – Billy Ocean

Well this weekend my daughter goes to her Senior Prom, so yes I’m feeling nostalgic. My Prom theme song was Simple Minds, “Don’t You Forget About Me,” but this was the song I couldn’t wait for the DJ to play. You probably only remember Billy Ocean for that horrible, “Get Out of My Dreams and Into My Car” song. His voice is gorgeous isn’t it? I wish I could have found a better clip because this is one of the most beautiful love songs of the 80’s and it deserves some respect. I remember hoping it would play so I could slow dance with my date. It did, we did, it was awesome…totally!


Karen said...

I love love love Don't You Forget About Me! The Breakfast Club was on yesterday too!

Colleen said...

Have you heard the new David Cook verision? Normally, I would not condone this but it's HOT!