Saturday, March 19, 2011

Desert Island CD - Blogathon Sponsored by Anomalous Material

Desert Island Blogathon
This was just a genius idea. Talk about a Blogathon I can really sink my teeth into! Here’s the premise. The minds over at Amomalous Material sent out a call to compile a movie soundtrack desert island CD. So I’m trapped on my desert island and I’m basically screwed because I’m petite, out of shape and can’t swim! I’m going to be there for awhile and this CD will keep me going.

1. Calling You – Bagdad Café
This was one of my first forays into quirky independent films. I loved this movie and I remember hunting this soundtrack down on vinyl (there was no internet in the 80’s dude!) This song still gives me chills. What a voice!

2. More Than A Woman – Saturday Night Fever
Okay, I’m a little embarrassed to admit this one, but guess what? I’m on a desert island. No one has to know. I can’t help but get all quishy and nostalgic whenever I hear this song. Plus, look at the disco dancing!

3. New Slang – Garden State
Natalie Portman is so right, The Shins will change your life. I did not know who The Shins were before I saw this film. Now, I own all their albums. Zach Braff also used this in an episode of Scrubs from season one. Since I never get through a full week without listening to this song, it would be pretty hard to be on that island without it.

4. In Your Eyes – Say Anything
Everyone is going to have this on their list right? Well I don’t care. This is another song that I listen to on a regular basis. I can sit back and daydream that Lloyd will not stop searching for me.

5. Hard Times – Georgia
I’m actually surprised I found this clip. I don’t know anyone else who has seen this movie. I love Mare Winningham’s voice in this film. By the way, it really is her singing.

6. Love Theme by Vanelis – Blade Runner
In reality, if some dude slammed a door I was trying to open and keep me from leaving, I’d kick him in the balls! No means no Mr. Ford, even if I am a replicant. However, this is a movie and Harrison Ford is hot. I was just a teenager when Blade Runner came out. I remember thinking, “Now that is some sexy music!”

7. Don’t You Forget About Me – The Breakfast Club
This song in extra special for me. I’m old enough to have seen The Breakfast Club when it first came out. It was also my prom song and my prom date was my future and current husband! Why wouldn’t I want to hear this all the time?

8. Theme – Raiders of the Lost Ark
Okay, this is my all time favorite movie and the theme song always makes me feel happy and excited. I can recite this entire film by memory. So, on my island I can kick back, close my eyes and watch it whenever I want! It also really made me appreciate musical scores. All hail, John Williams!

9. When Doves Cry – Purple Rain
Try to get a clip of a Prince song. Ah, you know how it goes anyway. Seeing this film was like going to a Prince concert. It was incredible. People were standing up dancing and we were all screaming. I had a blast! I later did see The Purple Rain Tour, but this film and song holds fond memories for me.

10. Loco de Amor – Something Wild
Great song from a crappy movie. Salsa legend Celia Cruz (who I met back in day) and Talking Heads frontman David Byrne. Odd pairing that totally works. This whole song soundtrack is awesome with songs from Oingo Boingo and Fine Young Cannibals. Unfortunately, it’s currently out of print. If you ever find it in a used bin though, snap it up. You won’t be sorry!

11. Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
I still remember my best friend leaning over to me in the theater and whispering, “Oh my God, it’s The Smiths!” I poo-poohed her. I learned that day to never question the awesomeness of my friend Sheila. She was absolutely right. I remember thinking, “How could John Hughes possibly know who The Smiths are?”

12. Tequila – Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

It doesn’t get much better than this one. Already a great song and a little Pee Wee makes everything better, right? IF I could pass the time doing this dance, things might not be so bad. The only problem is I can't find an authorized clip of this one. Boo! Please Google it though and let Pee Wee put on smile on your face today.

Now make sure you hop on over to everyone else’s’ list.


Castor said...

Great track Colleen, one of my favorite outside of mine :)

Definitely a bit surprised that "In Your Eyes" hasn't been mentioned more often. Your list is the first time I see it in so far.

Not surprised to see a couple Harrison Ford staples in there knowing your love for him :)

Anonymous said...

Yes! The Shins! and you're so right! Zach Braff did use it in Scrubs! That's where I've also heard it! Thanks!!

Glad you mentioned Indiana Jones. I don't think anyone so far has used his theme on their cd mix!

Anonymous said...

OH I love More than a woman ! (Totally a guilty pleasure though) Great picks!

ruth said...

Oh, Vangelis music is often sexy :D Good call on Blade Runner, Colleen. Oh, and you've got another Harrison Ford theme I love, Indiana Jones!! I initially put that one in but had to cut it out :(

The Mad Hatter said...

Those sound like some true essentials blaring from Isla del Colleenie.

And you're right, hear "that one song" did "Totally change my life".

great selections miss...

Novroz said...

Lovely collection have almost all genre there.Nice pick on The Beegees

Jess said...

The Raiders of the Lost Arc theme would definitely keep your spirits up!

Colleen said...

I'm glad Raiders is lifting a lot of your spirits. I'll try to pump up the volume so you can hear it on your islands too. It really will inspire you to get those rescue boats built!

Anonymous said...

Great list, New Slang and Don’t You Forget About Me came really close to making my list. I can’t believe I didn’t even think of Purple Rain when making my shortlist, you definitely picked the best song from the movie/album.

Anonymous said...

The Shins, The Smiths, Peter Gabriel AND a song from "Pee Wee's Big Adventure"? Bra-vo, madam. Bravo.

Fletch said...

This is one hell of a fun list you've got here - I love that you put the Indy Jones theme on here. It seems out of place contextually with all of your other choices, but I can't deny its awesomeness and it would certainly make me happy to hear it on my island.

Ha - another BeeGees entry!

Yeah, count me amongst the douchebags whose 'lives' (I use that loosely) were changed by The Shins as well - my interest in them led me to a world of new music some 7 years ago, and I think of it often. Lame, but true.

Colleen said...

Yeah, I'm embarrassed to admit Zach Braff gets the credit for turning me on to some new musical taste, but it's true. The Shins, Zero 7 and Iron & got me started on a whole new segment of music.

moviesandsongs365 said...

I'm a bit late getting to your music, better late than never!

I like your 80s selections, I actually recently reviewed Say Anything

You might enjoy some tracks on my Desert island cd: