Monday, March 7, 2011

Thank You Charlie Sheen

Since Charlie Sheen has decided to concentrate on “winning” instead of admitting to his drug problem, CBS finally canned him today. I was never a fan of Two and A Half Men, so it won’t cut a hole into my TV schedule.

This did however; enable CBS to take a look at some of their other shows and maybe give them a little hard earned love. One of my top favorites, How I Met Your Mother was picked up for not one, but two seasons.

I would have to recommend giving this wonderful show a try. It’s smartly written and has heart.

As for the fate of Two and A Half Men? Well, Charlie Sheen won a Golden Globe when he replaced the irreplaceable Michael J. Fox. It just may live on.

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Dan said...

Charlie Sheen really wants to repair his broken life by making friends with his fans and their dull, boring lives. Think I might prepare a top 10 worst Sheen movies list.