Monday, September 21, 2009

How I Met Your Mother

Fall Premiere

Well maybe they didn’t win the Emmy last night, but this show is gaining ground. I personally can’t understand why this show is not more popular. For those TV watchers who say the sitcom is dead I give you a sarcastic… “Hello?”

This show has been delivering great comedy since day one. The cast is top-notch and Neil Patrick Harris is, legend - wait for it - dary! I go to work every Tuesday morning and spend the day amazed that co-workers are not making HIMYM references. Why is everyone missing this gem?

When I come home from toiling in an office all day, I don’t want to see C-list celebrity has-beens dancing, find out what peculiar ailment has befallen someone, or what white-teethed teen is banging what other white-teethed teen. I want to do one thing, laugh. For that one simple request, HIMYM comes through smartly, sweetly and better than most of the thinly disguised third rate poser comedies out there.


Samosas for One said...

I love this show too.

Julie said...

This show is so good. I laugh hard each and every time I watch it.