Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Catch this before Episode Two!
“Okay, if you have been on Lost, please follow the green arrows in this line. You will be asked to fill out some forms, and then you will be cast in ABC’s new puzzling drama, FlashForward.”

This is how I felt when I sat down to watch the first episode. Not only did I see Charlie and Penny, I also saw the woman that Sawyer conned! It’s weird to see so many of the same actors jump ship to another show. If you’re a huge Lost fan, you can’t help but wonder, “Does this mean something is going to happen to Penny?” She is a major character in this new show, and I’m not sure she will have time for both roles.

And what was Seth McFarlane doing in this show…the creator and voice of Family Guy in a tense drama? Apparently, he’s a friend of the co-creator. I have to admit it was a bit disruptive. The scene was all serious, and then Seth just popped up! My daughter and I had a good laugh though.

I’m happy to see the gorgeous Josesph Fiennes on a weekly basis. He’s a great actor who recently fell off the radar. I’m glad he’s on a solid-looking drama.

So far, I’m in. I don’t like the crime, medical, or lawyer dramas. For me, it needs to be a bit displaced from reality. That’s why I enjoy Lost. I know I would like Fringe, but I didn’t think that show would get picked up, and now I’m too behind. I recommend you jump on this one now. I put the entire first episode up so you can watch before Thursday. I think it’s a keeper.

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