Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bursting with “Glee”

Well, Fox hyped this show like crazy all summer. There’s no way it could have lived up to the expectations thrust upon it…but it did!

The cast is brilliant, and we already find ourselves hoping that Rachel and Finn will get together, that Kurt will embrace his sexuality, that Will will realize his wife is insane and rush to Emma’s arms and, of course, that Coach Sylvester will crash and burn.

The musical numbers are fantastic and songs that you think will be embarrassing like Don’t Stop Believing are extremely cool. And just when you think they can’t pull off something like Gold Digger, they do that too.

I don’t know if a show can maintain such a high momentum, but it’s already a must in our house. Right now, there’s nothing I would change about this show. For years they have been trying to bring a musical show to TV, and this is the best shot I’ve seen yet. If this ragtag team of misfits can’t win your heart, well, you’re dead inside.

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Samosas for One said...

Glee fills me with glee! I love this, love, love it. Especially Emma Pillsbury...what a touching name.