Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Up - Movie Review

Pixar Does It Again!

What can I say about my experience seeing the new Pixar flick, UP? Look it’s no secret that I cry at everything, but my tears started during the short film, Partly Cloudy, and never let up. Once we were at the actual main attraction, the silent montage of the main characters life with his wife, was enough to have me so swollen eyed I might be unable to physically even see the rest of the movie!

Every time I think Pixar can’t pull another one out of their hat, I’m happily surprised. When I saw the promos for Up a year ago I thought, “Yeah, okay, old dude and a bunch of balloons. How is that possibly going to carry a whole film?’

The love and devotion that goes into each of their projects truly shines through. It gives me hope to see such a high caliber of children’s film after getting previews for Aliens in the Attic. Not even kids want to see crap. We all want to be told a great story with interesting characters. Pixar not only delivers, they exceed time and time again.

I did see this in 3-D and it’s certainly not necessary, but since I’m a huge fan of animation, I wanted to enjoy ever nuisance that technology could offer.

The only criticism I have is the talking dogs. While Doug the dog was perfect comic relief, the whole pack of trained dogs almost took me out of magical world and into too much to ask of my imagination. It’s a fine line so I’ll cut them some slack.

See this on the big screen. Take a kid, go with a friend, go by yourself, it doesn’t matter; just don’t miss the sweet, life affirming film.

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