Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Song of the Week

Just Missed the Train – Danielle Brisebois/Kelly Clarkson
If you’re a mature audiophile, like me, you may remember Danielle Brisebois from “All In The Family” and “Archie’s Place.” She was cast opposite Carroll O’ Connor in a classic “jump the shark” move for a dying sitcom. Add cute kid, crotchety old man, hilarity will ensue and the show will be revived. This never works. I also remember them trotting out Danielle’s singing talents on a regular basis. The whole Broadway Baby thing really got on my nerves. Having been in the original cast for “Annie,” she was qualified, but annoying. Later, Danielle’s claim to fame was being a member to the New Radicals. However, they really only had one hit with, You Get What You Give. I was curious though to hear what her voice sounded like as an adult so I took a bite and ordered a used copy of her 1994 CD, “All Over You.” I was pleasantly surprised. I listen to this on a semi-regular basis and I really enjoyed the track, “Just Missed the Train.” Then I found out Kelly Clarkson covered it on her debut CD. This solidifies my recommendation of this track. It’s not just me! I’m always a sucker for the original though, so although Kelly delivers a powerful rendition, I’m putting Danielle’s original cut as this week’s pick.

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