Friday, May 29, 2009

First there was Prince

Whenever I tell people I have the hots for Prince, I usually get one of two reactions. “Really?”
Or sometimes just an outright, “Ewwww!”

I really don’t care. Prince is fine and he’s been my honey baby for years. I was loving his weird “Tonight Show” performance the other day. What was the whole giant autograph thing he gave to Jay Leno? He kept scribbling in secret during the song; I thought I was going to be impressed with an amazing caricature or something! Poor Jay looked like he didn’t know how to act.

So why does Prince illicit the icks, but everyone just made a big hoopla about Adam Lambert? Prince was the original one rocking the Guyliner. He can hit decibel piercing high notes and sexy deep grovels. Don’t forget to add his virtuoso guitar and piano skills, mad dance moves and writing his own songs…why would you think it’s odd that I love Prince?

Sure he has long lapses into obscurity, but check this song out. He can still bring it when he wants to.

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