Sunday, May 3, 2009

Kiss of Death for Reaper?

It is impossible for me to understand how network programming works. Case in point: Reaper. This is one of the best shows on TV right now, and certainly on a short list of great shows for the CW network. So why would you put this show opposite American Idol?

Reaper consistently brings scares, comedy and excellent writing week after week. This show never takes the easy way out with its story lines and fails to fall into the same old tired plotline trappings. One of the biggest joys when I watch Reaper is I never know what they’re going to do next. I’m someone who has watched an insane amount of television, and it’s difficult for me to find shows that are fresh and unique.

The CW really underestimates this gem of a show. Here’s the nutshell: Sam (Bret Harrison) finds out on his 21st birthday that his parents sold his soul to the devil (Ray Wise). Sam is a good kid who works at a Home Depot-like store called “The Workbench.” He spends his free time hanging with his buds Sock (Tyler Labine) and Ben (Rick Gonzalez) and pining away for his friend with something more, Andi (Missy Peregrym).

Where this show is different is Sam doesn’t walk around with the horrible secret that the devil has ordered him to be his soul catching servant. No, Sam immediately runs and tells his best friends and they offer to help! The audience only has to wait an acceptable amount of time before Sam’s love interest, Andi, finds out what’s been going on. The payoffs are fast on this show, and it works because there is always something else around the next creepy corner.

Reaper does know how to bring the creepy, the funny and the feelings. It should also be noted that the cast is adorable, and if CW spent a bit of dough getting these young mugs out there, they could have the same demographic of Idol watchers tuning in here. Also, short guys are finally “IN.” Bret Harrison is one of the cutest short dudes on the tube right now. Put him in with Kris Allen (American Idol) and for the older crowd, Jon Stewart (The Daily Show) and us little women finally get to spend time with guys we could actually slow dance with!

In the meantime, thank God for TiVo and DVR’s. Set this show to always record so you won’t forget. You will not regret it.

Sources are saying Reaper is on the chopping block, so go to the CW’s website and let your voice be heard. While you’re at it, how about going to the SciFi channel’s website and tell them they should pick up this show if the CW is stupid enough to let it go.

*Think it's just a fluke that an old chick like me is into Reaper? This show appeals to all! Read what my 16 year-old daughter just submitted to the feedback section of the CW's website. You know, you could also go to the CW website and help save this show! I'm just saying...

As a 16 year old girl, I am ever loyal to the CW for Gossip Girl, possibly the best teen drama on television. However, this network also provides another show I couldn't possibly live without: Reaper. Reaper is the perfect mix of comedy, thriller, and romance. Even with an unbelieveable story line, the show portrays the lives of Sam, Sock, Ben, and Andi in a realistic way. Each character is vital to the show for various reasons. Sam, the protagonist, is sweet, funny, loyal and ABSOULUTELY ADORABLE. Brett Harrison is definitely someone people need to see on a regular basis. Sock, basically the opposite of Sam, is still important for comedic reasons. Viewers tune in every week to see what kind of shenanigans he will pull. Ben, the sweetie of the show, is always there to remind us of how pathetic people can be sometimes. Although very romantic, his relationship with Nina was obviously going nowhere. However, we love Ben for is naive manner, and can sympathize with him when things don't turn out the way he wants them to. Andi is a great female lead for Reaper; she is strong, intelligent, and fits in so well with the guys that we sometimes forget how gorgeous she is! However, she still shines amongst the rest of them, and is the perfect role model for women watching this show. And how can we forget the devil? Although he constantly gives you the creeps, the devil is necessary to the show, tempting Sam and trying to recruit him as a second-in-command. With such a great cast of characters, how could this show be anything less than fantastic? For this reason, I am writing to you to tell you that canceling Reaper would be a terrible mistake. Although it doesn't show in the numbers, Reaper has many devoted fans that would be terribly upset if this show were to disappear. Putting the show up against American Idol showed that you were basically trying to get rid of it. Either that, or you didn't know that Reaper and American Idol attract the same fan base. Well I'm here to tell you that it does. I am addicted to American Idol, but I know that I can always record Reaper. Also, Reaper is only in its second season. It still has time to develop a bigger fan base. Giving up on it now would disappoint tons of CW watchers. I am positive that if you keep Reaper, your viewers will go way up. I have written this so that you can take these points into consideration before canceling one of the best shows currently on television. Thank you for your time, and please don't disappoint viewers like me.


ReaperDMV said...

Awesome post, Colleenie, and cool site by the way. We at are fighting to save this show! Check out our site, and this page below for other ideas. Your daughter is cool, too, and so articulate.

Colleen Gonzalez said...

We signed the petition, thanks for the links. Hopefully we can save this show!