Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kris Takes It All!

Hey no backlash! Kris worked so hard this season. I'm so glad a little guy finally took the title. He could play piano, guitar, and this dude can sing! A laid-back attitude, with no indication of how hot he is, Kris just quietly kept delivering great performances week after week!

We don't have to worry about Adam. His dramatic ways are better served by not being chained down by the "Idol" producers. If you want true Adam, he needs to be free to do his own thing.

I loved watching Kris as he calmly won, was steady as a rock singing his song, smiled sweetly at the heavens above...nothing is going to break this guy! Thank God for the wife, she came onstage, hugged him and he LOST it! Adorable! Go Kris!

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