Monday, May 25, 2009

Bret and Jermaine are My Sweetie Pies!

The last tour stop for Flight of the Conchords was tonight at the Berkeley Community Theatre here in the San Francisco East Bay.

My budget does not allow for many concerts these days, but in one of my most fortunate strokes of luck, I won two tickets from KFOG 104.50 FM.

My daughter happily accompanied me. It was her first concert and I’m afraid she’ll have to spend a long time trying to top tonight’s show.

We had some major delays because of fire alarm issues. There was also weird organizing of “will call’ ticket holders, regular ticket holders, a women trying to get in with her dog and a man shouting, “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD” from the sheer frustration of all the different things we were being told to do.

Once we were finally inside it was refreshing to see affordable merchandise, (rockin’ cool tote bag for $15 and underwear for $10) a mellow crowd and an intimate, if not slightly run-down, auditorium.

Our opening act was Arj Barker who plays Dave the pawn shop owner on the HBO show. The TV does not do this Marin native justice. He was hysterical! I did not realize till tonight what a funny guy he is. He’s a great edition to the tour.

When Bret and Jermaine took the stage in their homemade robot costumes, it was instantly worth the wait. They were so laid back and cool. Each song took about ten minutes, between all the talking and joking. But make no mistake, these two are top-notch musicians and there instrumental and harmonizing abilities were amazingly impressive. Just because their funny doesn’t mean they lack anything in the musical talent department. All their songs are catchy and well written, spanning across many different genres.

Their easy banter with the audience really gives an organic feeling to the show. Even though they are becoming wildly popular with each passing day, you have the feeling the guys are the same on stage as they were before all the YouTube hits and HBO series.

I can’t think of a better way to kick off my summer. Great show, talented guys and a number one fan forever!

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