Monday, February 21, 2011

10 Days 10 Noms - Day Six

Winter’s Bone
For me, this is the weakest Best Picture nominee. This wasn’t a bad film, it did manage to hold my interest, but it really did not live up to the hype. The little I knew about this film was that a girl had to search for her bail-jumping Father in the Ozarks. I was originally under the impression that this would be a film where the character must face physical and emotional obstacles while rough it in the Ozark Mountains.

Instead, this was scene after scene of this young girl showing up at this low-life’s house and then that one, asking the same question, “Do you know where my Dad is?” Everyone tells her to butt out and stop snooping around, but since she doesn’t, trouble comes a knocking.

I appreciate her desperate situation, but this girl is bright and good and it’s too depressing to watch her in this trapped existence.

In some ways, it was fascinating to get a glimpse into these people lives and this was the driving force in maintaining my interest. I’m happy I don’t know people like this, or know anyone living in this kind of situation. As a movie though, it was quite boring when you break it down. It basically stayed at the same medium pace throughout and never built to a satisfying level of excitement to get the situation solved.

The end also didn’t have much payoff in my opinion. It was interesting that I rented this DVD to see what the big deal was. When it was over I thought, “eh.” The very next day it received a Best Picture Nomination!

Jennifer Lawrence and Dale Dickey both turned out fine performances and it was nice to see Dickey with a meatier role. I remember her from My Name Is Earl and I’ve always enjoyed her. Lawrence is a young actress to watch. Hailee Steinfeld turned in the better performance, but at least Lawrence is nominated in the proper category.


The Mad Hatter said...

(I've been a little lax in commenting lately, but I like this series. So expect me to wade back through them a bit and comment-bomb you this week)

I liked this film a lot more than you did, but it's possible that was due to me being one of those stoking the hype.

This girl is bright and good and it’s too depressing to watch her in this trapped existence

Absolutely right...but that's the hitch. Communities like we see in this movie do exist, and within them are people like Ree who should get out and get on to other things. Unfortunately, far too often they don't...which is what made the film all the more tragic.

It was the gritty noir-esque nature of the story that drew me in. The fact that she's surrounded by people who have known her all her life - People who she's never asked anything of. It's a tragic story when she goes to these people who are all family (or might as well be if they're not) and none of them want to help her when she needs it most.

PS - No mention of John Hawkes?

Castor said...

I also think this is probably the weakest of all 10 Best Pictures. Although it has strong performances from Hawkes and Lawrence, I felt it had some significant pacing issues and the minimalistic style hurt how engaging the movie could have been.