Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fall TV Preview

Well the Fall TV Season is right around the corner. Every year I say I will not add new shows to my already full plate. I should know better by now! Here's 5 I can't wait to check out:

I have to see this. The 1920's and Buscemi? Only problem is, I don't have HBO. I hope to get my premium cable back soon. If I do, I'll have some serious catching up. If you watch this, drop me line and tell me what you think!

This should be great, but will it suffer the same fate as Arrested Development?

Are you kidding me? A zombie TV show? I'm so in!

Hmm, this one could go either way. I love David Cross, but it may be to painful to watch. We'll see!
What shows are on your Must Check Out list?

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Rachael said...

I am SO excited for Running Wilde! I expect big things. I'm also looking forward to trying out No Ordinary Family and some other shows. I'll probably post about it next week!