Friday, September 3, 2010

5 Fall Movies I Want To See and 1 I Don't

Well, I've seen so many crappy movies lately, I think I'm going to sit tight until some of these hit the theaters.

I recently heard about this flick. My interest is piqued! There's a screening in San Francisco Tuesday, but it's sold out. I don't think I could have made it anyway. I think I will have the opportunity to see this before it's wide release. If I can you'll hear it here first on the couch. I won't give anything anyway. Come on, you know me better than that!

This is another movie you want to see just because you have no idea what's going on!

Anne Hathaway & Jake Gyllenhaal? I'm there!

This one has been in the can forever. It looks great to me! We'll see.

Okay, first I was like Reese Witherspoon, Owen Wilson, Jack, hmmm, maybe. Oh, James L. Brooks, his flicks are usually pretty good. The icing on the cake...Paul Rudd!
So things are looking up, right? I might end the year with some pretty good film experiences. All hope is not lost.
Wait, I forgot. This one is coming out too.

This looks simply awful. Ridiculous concept and stupid poopie jokes. Babies poop everyday, get over it. I would not see this one for free! Plus, it's one of those annoying trailers that shows you the whole movie anyway!


Karen said...

I was with you until the last one...then I saw your comment ....whew! You scared me there :-))
The movies were horrible this summer. Have you seen Scott Pilgrim? It's weird and very different - slow in a few spots but really good. I loved it.

Castor said...

Ahaha what do you expect from Katherine Heigl. She has played the same character in the same type of movies for years... It doesn't look good but I think it will still be better than her latest movies like The Ugly Truth.

Colleen said...

I was planning on seeing Scott Pilgrim and saw Eat, Pray, Love instead. Big mistake! I know I shouldn't expect much of Hiegel, but when I sit in the theater and people are laughing away at trailers like this I want to stand on my chair and yell, "Demand more substance from your romantic comedies!!!!"

Jo Frances said...

Katherine Heigl, Jennifer Anniston...are there no other actresses in Hollywood who can do romantic comedies? Well, there's Kate Hudson, but she's actually likeable...

iluvcinema said...

Never Let Me Go looks kind of interesting.

And I see what you what are talking about with the James L Brooks. At first I was like mmm mmm. But then I saw Rudd and was intrigued ...

We saw that Hiegl trailer in the movies (cannot even remember which film) but I agree that was a "no thanks" mental note I just made!

Good post!