Friday, September 24, 2010

Elmo Wants Another Playdate With Katy Perry

I guess Ms. Perry is pretty boobilcious in this clip, but I don't think it was intentional. I'm glad Elmo wants to schedule another playdate. The best quote from all of this is from Perry's main squeeze, Russell Brand. He tweeted, "I guess today will not be brought to you by the number 34 and the letter D." Classic!


Phunk Factor said...'s sooo cute...i've always loved Elmo and Cookie Monster from Sesame Streeth.....n this one big brown elephants...he ws cute too!!!

Perry looks amazing....n the song's cute...i loved the 'running around'!

And allow me to be a dum-dum....but I didn't get Russell's comment! :(

Bt he stood up fr that gets him two thumbs up from me!

Colleen said...

Russell was referring to her bra size. Sizing is probably different where you are. The number is measured directly under the breasts, so it's the circumference. Letters are the cup size. Anything C and over is considered ample! This is probably WAY more than you wanted to know! Plus if you didn't watch Sesame St. as a kid, each episode had a main number and letter.

Phunk Factor said...

Hahaha...I'm straight...i hav little to absolutely no interest in women...breast size doesn't fascinate or concern me...more than often!!

I did watch Sesame Street as a kid...infact I was grown up on it!! I think it's soooo much better than Barney and Teletubbies!!

Lis said...

Hahaha, I think people overreacted SO much to this whole thing. And great quote from Russell Brand!

Lisa said...

This is hilarious! I saw this a week or so ago, and thought to myself "If parents are really that concerned about boobs instead of everything else on tv, we have a problem. Besides, a bunch of the kids watching this probably still remember eating from a set of those."