Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tell Me Your Favorite

I’m sorry to inform all of you that summer is quickly coming to an end. Officially, you probably don’t feel summer is over until Labor Day Weekend, but both my kids go back to school this month, so my lazy days are over.

Overall, it’s been a disappointing movie season. The only film that exceeded my expectations was Toy Story 3, and oddly enough, that’s the only one I didn’t write a review for. I find it difficult to put into words the joy that the Toy Story films bring out in me. From the opening train scene, where I had a ear to ear grin on my face, to the edge of my seat teeth gnashing during the trash site sequence, to my culminating sobs at the end; Pixar seems to know how to hit all the right spots on me. So hands down, Toy Story3 was the best of the summer and to date the best of 2010. It’s going to be pretty hard to beat it in my opinion.

Here’s a look back at my summer movie going experience.



Dinner For Schmucks

The Kids Are All Right

I can’t see them all. Unfortunately, no one pays me to do that. I may have missed a great gem. So tell me now, what was your favorite movie this summer?


Kimberly said...

I just realized that I haven't been to the movies this summer. We've had so much going on that we never made it.

Thanks for your reviews, because you helped me cross some off the list and add others to our Netflix!

Karen said...

I haven't gotten to see too many movies this summer so I'm going to go with Toy Story 3 too....it was so good!

Pinar Tarhan said...

I loved Inception. But I will always be a typical entertainment- loving rock chick who happens to be a romantic. So:

It's a tie between
Knight and Day
The Sorcerer's Apprentice :)

Castor said...

Restrepo is my favorite movie of the summer! Highly recommended documentary that won the Jury Grand Prize for best documentary at Sundance.

Colleen said...

Wow, I missed a lot of movies. I haven't seen any of the ones mentioned above. I'm not sure I can handle something as heavy as Restrepo, even though I probably should see it.

Manikandan said...

Hey nice blog. Thanks for your comments in my blog.

I liked Inception...

siutou_amy said...

I'm still dying to see The Kids Are All Right~

Inception and Toy Story 3 have been the best of the summer -- or in my case, winter season. At least as far as worldwide premieres go.

Nanny McPhee Returns was funny, I thought - even, dare I say... better than the first one.

Splice was... interesting.

I don't know if The Ghost Writer was out anywhere... but it was FANTASTIC. Give a best supporting to Olivia Williams and we'll call it even. xD

Au Revoir Taipei was charming.

And guys, I must recommend Ip Man (1 and 2) as an action film xD

And... I guess I should say Girl with a Dragon Tattoo even though it hasn't opened locally yet. Lisbeth Salander should be friends with Hit Girl (and Starbuck from BSG) xD

Colleen said...

Nanny McPhee just opened here today. I want to see Girl With the Dragon Tattoo but if I do I'll never read the book! I heard great things about Ghost Writer but right now I can't get past Polanski's issues. I know it's old news but it bugs me. Come back and let me know what think of The Kids Are All Right.

Jose said...

Considering summer releases here suck, we get all the American indies until next year or during Oscar season.
Anyway my favorite movie during American summer was without a doubt Toy Story 3.
It's just so magnificent! I can't believe I only saw it once though, I guess it made me too sad to watch again so soon.

Kevin said...

I think The A-Team was the best of the blockbuster-types you haven't seen. It was just a ridiculously funny, over-the-top fun movie. It's probably the most fun I had at the movies all summer.

Otherwise I'll focus on a couple indie-types you might have missed:

Get Low - Fantastic performance from Robert Duvall. I realize it's only August, but he might have the Oscar in the bag already. Really strong movie.

Solitary Man - Really good performance from Michael Douglas that wasn't seen by nearly enough people. It really felt like his "Crazy Heart" or "The Wrestler."

The Disappearance of Alice Creed - Solid little British thriller that was in a handful of theaters but I caught On Demand. It's very claustrophobic, and features several twists I certainly didn't see coming. In the vein of the Wachowski's "Bound" if that gives you any sort of picture.