Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Song of the Week - All I Know Is the Way I Feel

All I Know Is the Way I Feel – Ruth Pointer
Oh, this is a warm, sexy, smooth song that nobody knows about. Back in the late 80’s they played it on my local Smooth Jazz radio station. Now, I was forced to find a used CD on Amazon. I hate to recommend songs that would be hard for you to find, but sometimes they are sooo good. Even I had a hard time because it was not put out by The Pointer Sisters as I originally thought. This was actually a solo effort by Ruth Pointer. It’s on the 1986 release, Hot Together. If you’re at a garage sale or in used record store, it’s really worth it. I was able to find it on CD and transfer it over to my iPod. Smooth and cool, Ruth does it right even without the sisters!

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