Saturday, August 7, 2010


What I enjoyed most about Cyrus is what I think some moviegoers would hate. This film stayed in a very realistic realm. It never went over the line to situations that would not occur in real life.

This film played on the tiny nuances and irritations of uncomfortable circumstances. John C. Riley is trying his best to ingratiate himself with his new girlfriend and her adult son. The son, however, does not want his cushy situation disrupted in any way. Jonah Hill is truly an under-appreciated comic actor. He has so many layers to his character, Cyrus, that even the audience is not quite sure what is bubbling beneath his surface.

The one thing that bugged me in this film was the huge amount of eye makeup on Marisa Tomei. I know that sounds ridiculous, but she had these giant false eyelashes and heavy eyeliner on all the time! When she went to bed, when she woke up...come on, if you went to bed with that much eye makeup, you’d look like a raccoon in the morning! There was so much authenticity, it just seemed glaringly out of place. Regardless, Tomei’s performance was excellent. You may think it’s impossible to believe her as Jonah Hill’s mom, but she totally pulls it off.

In the end, you’d lose nothing to wait for this film on DVD, yet sometimes I enjoy seeing these smaller films in the theater. I went with my daughter and there was actually a pretty good turnout. It’s nice to see a crowd for something without explosions and comic book heroes.

By the way, if you don't think Jonah Hill is funny, see if this changes your mind.
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Rae said...

Cool deal. Looked funny on previews. Now I'm down to check it out. I think we'll wait to see it on DVD. :)

Becca said...

I really want to see this one! It looks hilarious.