Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Office

A Fine Replacement

I apologize to fans of The Office, when it comes to this show, I’m a bit of a snob. I watched the original with the brilliant Ricky Gervais on BBC America. At the time it was sort of my wonderful secret. No one knew about this show in my circle of friends. I turned my brother-in-law on to it which turned out to be a good thing for me because he gave me the complete series on DVD a couple of years back.

The American version doesn’t work for me. There are so many actors on the show that I love. I’m a fan of Steve Carell, Ed Helms, and John Kransinski, but the show grates on me. With British people it works, what can I say?

Anyway, all the uproar about Carell leaving has really been of no interest to me until today. I’m sure it’s way too early in the game, but today Rhys Darby was tossed into the arena as a possible replacement. Darby was hilarious on Flight of the Conchords and I’m telling you, I would watch if he was on. If you don’t know him, or you think he wouldn’t fit in, check this out.


Rae said...

I don't know...we watch The Office all the time and as much as I can't stand "Michael Scott," I can't really envision the show without him. It should be interesting to see who replaces him and if the show has the same appeal.


I've seen the show and I get the humor but it doesnt make me totally LOL...but it is entertaining...but what do I know...I get a kick out of seeing old people slip and fall

Jose said...

Oh yes, Rhys was just so fantastic in that show! Although all of them were great. I love Jermaine's exchanged with Rhys, they were always so spot on deadpan hehe.

tapa said...

I actually prefer the American version - the British version makes me cringe! It's funny how shows are changed when they are Americanized.
I loved the British Coupling - the American version was painful to watch - glad they canceled that one early!

Kimberly said...

I'm with you, I prefer the British version. I rented it before The Office and loved it. When I first started watching The Office, they copied one of the BBC episodes and at first it annoyed me, but then I thought it was funny.

I like the characters, but the British version somes does it better and I can't put my finger on why.