Wednesday, January 19, 2011

American Idol
I told everyone that was out. I swore that I was not going to watch American Idol anymore. Too many changes, too much crap…just end it already! Oh but those sneaky folks at FOX made sure there was absolutely nothing else on tonight. Sure, I could of watched old episodes of That 70’s Show on Teen Nick, but I’ll admit it, I was curious.

Okay, it wasn’t that bad. I actually liked the banter between Lopez and Tyler. They were much kinder but not in a wussy way. I can see myself popping in from time to time. I will not get caught up in it.

It’s been too long. I remember waiting for the premiere of Season One. I’ve been a devoted fan from the beginning. I’ve bought the CD’s, downloaded the songs from iTunes and voted and then voted again. Even the times they irritated the hell out of me, I was still watched.

Now, I want my life back. American Idol sucks up so much of my time and money. No, I didn’t purchase any of the CD’s from last season. It was a sweet ride and I think they should just pack it in.

Maybe I’m wrong. They may be able to reinvent themselves. However, I need to move on. You know what? Parks and Recreation finally comes back tomorrow night. Screw you American Idol!



I'm done with it too! I'm already getting sick and tired of the commercials! If I hear Steven Tyler blurt out "Let's get this season started *screech*" one more time, I'm gonna lose my mind!

Dan said...

Same with Simon Cowell's X Factor in the UK - I always say I'm not going to watch it, it's predictable etc. but I end up hooked.

Anonymous said...

This was a hilarious read Colleen. Ha! Thanks!

I'll watch here and there just for the unintentional comedy factor of Steven Tyler.