Saturday, July 3, 2010

I Love You Prince!

My children do not understand my undying love for Prince. I’m flabbergasted! The man is a musical genius! His songs play on the radio everyday. I hear him on the R&B station, Rock, Top 40, everywhere. For someone who appears to be so odd, Prince has coined a sound that fits into most musical genres.

It’s no surprise that BET would want to give him a Lifetime Achievement Award. For us fans it seems too soon – we can’t be that old- but I’m sorry to say, we’re at that time. The 80’s were a long time ago my friend. But I’m here to tell ya, Prince is still awesome.

I’m not familiar with the first artist taking the stage and her robotic gestures were quiet distracting. After that, the rest of this tribute is top-notch. Plus, Prince is wearing an outfit with a picture of Prince on it! This is what confuses my kids. Look, I’m the first to admit this is a strange little dude, but I’ve embraced his purple freakiness for three decades and I’m not about to stop now.

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