Monday, July 19, 2010

Colleenie's Taking The Challenge!

31 Days To Build A Better Blog

Well we’ve been sitting here on the couch for awhile now. Sometimes we have to get up and stretch!

I’ve decided to take the ProBlogger 31 Days to Build A Better Blog Challenge. Of course this benefits all of us. Hopefully, after 31 days, Colleenie’s Couch will be a even cozier place to visit than it was before. Don’t worry; the reviews will keep coming, (just wait till I post what I thought about Inception!) we’ll keep talking and please leave any comments and suggestions you may have to make Colleenie’s Couch a better place to visit!

*So today’s challenge was to write a short and long elevator pitch.

Short Pitch:

Where sitting on the couch is not a waste of time!

Long Pitch:

A community to discuss a mutual love for movies, TV, books and music. No celebrity sightings, no gossip. Reviews you can trust from a real person with good taste. Pour a cup o’ joe, and have a seat on my couch.

What do you think?


TRR said...

Love the short pitch! And I can't wait to hear what you thought of Inception, too :-)

Rachael said...

I love your short pitch! It's unique and sparked my interest. Your long pitch definitely made me want to read more.

Maria Beatrix said...

I liked your pitches very much. They made me want to follow your blog

Colleen Gonzalez said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement everyone! I hope this leaves readers coming back for more.

Artist Terri Smith said...

Hi Colleen..just found you by way of BlogFrog. Sure regret missing the first session of the 31 Day Challenge. Darn. But wanted to say that your Pitch is Great!

Hugs of Summer Sunshine,
Terri Smith

Style Maniac said...

Hi! I just started the challenge last night (better late than never) and came upon your comment this morning asking if your focus is too broad. I don't think so at all. I love the mix of music, movies and books. I talk about all those on my blog as well (plus fashion, decor, entertaining & style) and love that you do the same. Stop by when you get a chance, would be great to get your feedback.

Your pitches are perfect. I particularly like the long one and think it's key that you mention the non-celeb, non-gossip approach because that is so much more appealing to me.