Thursday, July 29, 2010

10 Things Coming Soon to the Couch

I’m still getting through the 31 Days to Build A Better Blog Challenge with the girls over at SITS. Today’s task is to write a list of ten future posts your wish to cover. This list gives you an idea of some of the things coming up on Colleenie’s Couch. Let me know if a particular topic piques your interest.

1. How to Fix American Idol
2. To Kill A Mockingbird (book review)
3. Dinner for Schmucks (movie review)
4. Crush It! (book review)
5. Cyrus (movie review)
6. Intro to Meet A Blogger Sunday (new feature)
7. Volume II – She and Him (music review)
8. One Day (book review)
9. Bad Mother (book review)
10. It Sucked Then I Cried (book review)

This list is comprised of some things I’ve already done and things I hope to do. I’m not the fastest reader in the world so sometimes my reading plate gets too full.


Kimberly said...

Looking forward to it; wow, glad I found your blog!!!

Rachael said...

I'm interested in the book reviews for One Day and Heather Armstrong's book - they're both on my list to read.

Helen Hanson said...

Thought I'd stop by the couch and sit for a spell. I'm guessing I won't read the book, but I'm dying to read your review titled: It Sucked Then I Cried. That’s hysterical! I’m subscribing, just so I don’t miss it!