Monday, March 1, 2010

No Leno No Leno No Leno

Just a last minute reminder, don’t watch Leno’s return to The Tonight Show this evening. Normally I don’t go out of my way to bash a show or a performer, but the public needs to send a message to Jay Leno and the powers at NBC.

This is the second time The Tonight Show was promised to someone else and NBC completely mismanaged its handling of the situation. The first time, Leno was given the coveted slot over David Letterman. At the time, Leno was viewed as the innocent guy caught in the middle.

The way he has now handled this new situation between him and Conan O’Brien, makes me question his approach to his entire career. I know it’s tempting to tune in for curiosities’ sake, but I beg you to refrain.

I almost boycotted NBC entirely; however, some shows they do right. 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation are awesome shows. NBC has also stuck by SNL through good times and bad. Why can’t they get this late night stuff right?

I now heard they may be replacing the announcer and Kevin Eubanks, so it’s not even a matter of others losing their jobs if Leno is let go. It’s a massacre! C’mon people send a message. This is no way to treat your talent or your audience. And Mr. Leno, you had the chance to be a stand up guy and walk away from a long career as a big man. Now…

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