Saturday, March 13, 2010

365 Seinfeld

Well, some personal issues have kept me from blogging lately, but fear not! I’ve written down my daily Seinfelds on post-its and index cards everywhere. We have a lot of catching up to do. Therefore, I will post these in chunks until we’re all caught up.


Watching current television is the perfect forum for Seinfeldisms. Tonight, my daughter and I were watching Parks and Recreation and they said it was a bizarre world. Of course, my daughter and I immediately turned to each other and said, “Bizarro World!”

Opening ceremony for the Winter Olympics and a lot of countries you’ve never heard of take the stage. I couldn’t help it that one country was named Moldova and I immediately thought of Jerry’s girlfriend whose name he couldn’t remember…Mulva?


Driving by this great new place called Wild Rotisserie Chicken, but all I can say is when I see the glowing neon sign is, Kenny…


A local TV station showed episodes of “Love American Style” for Valentine’s Day. One episode was called Serenity. All I could thing was Serenity Now!

I was taking about relationships with my daughter. We talked about when one person likes the other more. She realized this is what George meant when he said he had hand.


My son is working on a large science project with a classmate. His partner texted that her home computer was broken and she wouldn’t be able to type up a paper for them. My son started grumbling about having to do it himself. I gave him Susan’s advice and told him to stuff his sorry’s in a sack!


My son whipped out his favorite quote today with, “Why do they call it homework? You’re not working on your home!”


Driving home from work I saw a weird sight. About a dozen, full grown turkeys were all hanging out on the sidewalk. I saw someone whip out a camera and I thought, “They are not going to let you take that picture.” I was stopped a red light watching this unfold. As soon as the guy aimed, the turkeys began to run away. I was tempted to roll down the window, but I just said to myself, “No picture for you!” In my best Soup Nazi voice.


I was recounting to my daughter that my boss said I was in a dream he had the previous night, but couldn’t remember it. My daughter said, “Um, maybe he dreamed he was firing you!” I told her it didn’t matter because if I was ever fired, I would just show up the next day like George did!

I was shopping at Target with my husband at the last minute I threw a box of Jr. Mints onto the counter. My hubby pointed at the box and said, “They’re very refreshing!”


We recently cancelled our subscription to the newspaper (too expensive), but we do miss Sunday. When we are running around doing errands, we’ll usually go to the nearby Liquor Store and pick one up. Every time we see the Indian inside my husband can’t help but mention the cigars and wooden Indian that Kramer was obsessed with. I guess this means I had a Kramer weekend!

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