Monday, February 16, 2009

Slumdog Pulls Out In Front!

<a href="" target="_blank">The Daily Show: Dev Patel</a>

I think Jon Stewart of The Daily Show said it best when he described Slumdog Millionaire as, “The most depressing feel good movie ever!”

This film is difficult to watch. To see children living a life so hopeless and dangerous makes you want to jump into the screen and save them all. The youngest actors in this film are simply adorable, and the innocence on their faces makes you shudder at their lifestyle all the more.

Watch this clip of the fantastic Dev Patel on The Daily Show. What a talented gem we’ve added to the pool of fresh young actors! If he cannot make you feel for his character, the film just does not work; however, Dev Patel delivers on every level. His dramatic acting and his comedic sweetness shine through. You want this kid to succeed.

I’ve now seen three of the five Oscar nominated films and I can’t believe how good they are. I really would be happy with a win for Benjamin Button, Milk or Slumdog. Each film brought something unique to the film-going experience. Slumdog Millionaire has such a creative story concept and transports us to a world that is very real, yet unknown to most of us. It’s classic boy loves girl story, where rooting for the underdog and finding that we desire the same things in life, will always win out despite our geographical differences.

So right now I’m torn. This film was so beautifully crafted and came out of nowhere with no stars (moviegoers LOVE that). Benjamin Button, transported us to a fantastical world you can only find in the movies and Milk was one of the best biopics ever put on film. I’m trying to see The Wrestler and Frost/Nixon this weekend. I’m afraid The Reader is the one film I’m not rushing to see. I wonder if I see anymore, will I ever be able to decide?

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