Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Frost/Nixon...Best Picture?

This is clearly the weakest film in the Best Picture category. Frost/Nixon, though riveting at times, fails to deliver.

I feel one of the most important things in a film is the ability for the audience to follow the story. Ron Howard expects you to come in with a certain background knowledge of events, and this is where I think it falls flat. I was quite young during Watergate, and I didn’t walk away knowing any more than I did coming into it. I also didn’t feel my children could see this film and learn about Watergate or Richard Nixon.

However, the performances were great. Frank Langella, who believe it or not kids, played a very sexy Dracula in the 1970’s, truly embodies Richard Nixon. In one scene (where he’s petting the dachshund) the resemblance was so dead-on that it freaked me out!

This is probably a better DVD flick, though my husband disagreed. He felt there was more tension with the big screen, but I have to admit to checking my watch more than once.

Did this nomination knock out The Dark Knight or possibly The Wrestler? We’ll never know, but take comfort in the fact that it doesn’t stand a chance.

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