Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oscar Countdown

Oscar Countdown 2009

Hold my calls. I’m not making dinner. Please keep your voice down, unless you’re cheering or booing. Ah, it must be Oscar night.

First, they are "Oscars,” NOT Academy Awards and the evening is filled with winners. I can’t stand “And the Oscar goes to…” We are not in grade school here. I think the other nominees can accept, with maturity and grace, the fact that they didn’t win. There’s no need to sugar coat it.

I’m thankful for my blog because this year I’ve seen more nominated films then I have in a very long time. It has become my “job” to make sure I see all of these films. Since last week was the 3-day Presidents’ Day weekend, I managed to sneak in another Best Picture nominee and one for the Best Actor category. Now I’m on a roll. I watched The Dark Knight last night, so that I can say I saw it before Ledger gets his posthumous nod. I just came back from a matinee showing of The Reader to complete all five “Best Picture” films.

I’m very excited about most of the films and performances this year. I feel there was an extremely eclectic selection this time around. Now as far as the broadcast goes, I’m slightly more hesitant. Hugh Jackman? This is just a weird choice. Jon Stewart did a great job last year and he should’ve been asked back. Will Jackman rip in to his fellow actors? That would seem odd, so he’ll probably sing and/or dance and I don’t think anyone wants to see that.

Also, there’s supposed to be a medley of the nominated songs. Peter Gabriel backed out of performing because his song would be only a minute and half. They probably wanted to put him on a rotating stage or something. Music is so vital to film that you would think in three plus hours they could manage to let artists perform a measly three full length songs. I’m glad Mr. Gabriel backed out.

Well, on to my picks:

MakeupThe Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Documentary Man on Wire *This is the only one I’ve heard of, thus the most popular for voting.

Foreign Language FilmWaltz with Bashir

Animated FeatureWall-E

Original Song – “O-Saya” from Slumdog Millionaire * I have to add that I’m not a Springsteen fan, but how was his song from The Wrestler not nominated?

CinematographySlumdog Millionaire – With the frenetic pace this film was shot, it outshines everything else.

EditingSlumdog Millionaire – All the cutaways that manage to piece this story together… you are so on the edge of your seat!

Adapted ScreenplaySlumdog Millionaire

Original ScreenplayMilk

Supporting Actress – This will be the upset category – Taraji P. Henson for the Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Supporting Actor – Odds are on Heath Ledger. Ledger brought a whole new level of creepiness to The Joker, but the most powerful performance in this category is Josh Brolin for his disturbing portrayal of Dan White. Still, I think Ledger has it.

Actress – Kate Winslet – I’m leaving in a couple of hours to see The Reader. I’m afraid it will be a good performance, not her best, but she’s receiving a career Oscar.

Actor – Wouldn’t it be great if this could go down in history as a fabulous tie between Penn and Rourke? How dare Mickey Rourke come back this year of all years! As much as I would love my dream to come true, it’s Mickey’s year.

Director – This will not be a year of the director/film combo. Best Director will be Gus Van Sant. I mean it. It will! I do will this to happen!

PictureSlumdog Millionaire and it’s going to be the sweetest award of the night when all those cuties from the film are cheering and crying.

Enjoy the show!

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