Friday, October 14, 2011

Colleenie Ghoulie Week 2 - The Seventh Sign

It’s already week two of Colleenie Ghoulie. October is flying by and I hope I’m able to fit in all my ghoulish delights.

This week’s movie is a bit of a departure. The Seventh Sign is a 1988 apocalyptic tale starring Demi Moore. Moore made this film while actually pregnant, which just makes me think she’s nuts. Seriously, you’re going to play a woman who has frequent miscarriages and there’s now something mysterious with the current child you’re carrying? Superstition aside, I still think it’s sort of ballsy (crazy) to explore that kind of territory when you are actually pregnant.

You may have heard of this film, but it’s a bit under the radar. If you think this was a direct to video piece of junk, you’d be wrong. This film totally delivers.

Demi Moore plays, Abby Quinn, a young, married woman in the final stages of pregnancy. The viewer is told that Abby lost her first child and although she says she feels good about her current pregnancy, her stress in apparent. We also see the strain it puts on her marriage. Her husband, Russell Quinn (played by Michael Biehn) tries to be supportive, but his job as a lawyer, literally has someone’s life on the line and it’s leaving little time for Abby.

Additional storylines of a Down Syndrome murder on death row and a traveling priest gathering signs of the apocalypse, keep this 97 minute flick going at a fast pace.

These all come to a head driven mostly by Abby and Russell’s new over the garage apartment renter, Jürgen. This creepy world traveler doesn’t have much to say, but he seems to be brought into Abby’s life, and more importantly, her unborn child’s, for a very specific reason. The question is, is he good or bad?

This is not a scary film and I don’t know why it gets categorized as horror. It’s a dramatic thriller with religious overtones. It nicely blends Catholicism and Judaism and has both religions working together to save humanity. There’s also a strong message of hope for yourself and the world. I chose this as a ghoulie movie because of the end of the world theme is pretty popular these days. I think The Seventh Sign gives a much quieter take on the whole gloom and doom stuff and instead focuses on how much difference one person can make in the world.

Also, if you simply didn’t see enough of Demi’s nudie pregnant bod on her infamous Vanity Fair cover, she gives you everything here.

Lastly, be a bit forgiving with the atrociously absent background check for the new renter. Yeah, he’s pretty creepy and you’d never rent to this guy, but we have to get where we need to get to plot wise, alright?

Have you seen this movie? If so, please give me your thoughts. If not, I encourage you to give it a whirl and come back for a chat.

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